About the code

Your right to a quality home

Where you live is probably the most important part of your university or college experience, especially in your first year. So it’s reassuring to know that when you move away from home for the first time, The Student Accommodation Code is there to protect your rights to a safe, good quality place to live.

The Student Accommodation Code has been developed by Universities UK and GuildHE to make sure you get the best out of your time living in university or college accommodation.

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Our Commitment

The Code

Universities and colleges which have joined The Code have done so because they are committed to raising the standards of student accommodation. The Code outlines everything you can expect from your new home as well as your responsibilities as a tenant.

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Enforcing standards

For the good of all

Each university and college signed up to The Code is independently audited every three years to confirm that its accommodation management practices are up to the high standards expected. To ensure full accountability and transparency, auditors follow a rigorous four-step process for each investigation.


Talking to students or student representative bodies


Inspecting documentary evidence


Conducting a physical inspection of a sample of the accommodation


Investigating any formal complaints made by students